You can extend your Azure AD implementation with extra functions. However, these Azure Active Directory licences are subject to a fee. An upgrade with the type "premium P1" or "premium P2" is possible. These licences guarantee extended monitoring, self-service functions, access for your mobile users and security reports.

What are the special features of the free directory and the paid directory?

If you choose Azure Active Directory Free, you can manage users and groups; view simple reports; change self-service passwords for cloud users as well as single sign-on to Azure on-premises Microsoft 365. You also have access to a wide range of popular SaaS apps. Directory synchronisation.

The AD Premium P1 package offers hybrid access to cloud-based and on-premises resources in addition to the AD Free licence. Group management has also been enhanced in this one. Now it is possible for their on-premises users who use self-service password reset to write back through Microsoft Identity Manager and cloud functions.

Azure Active Directory Premium P2 also includes Azure Active Directory Identity Protection in addition to P1 to prevent the risk of conditional access to their critical corporate data on their apps. Privileged Identity Management restriction and monitoring is also provided on demand just-in-access. This allows administrators' access to be determined.

If you have opted for AD Directory, you will also get access to various features listed below:

- Reports and Monitoring: Reports on security and usage patterns in the environment.
- Managed Identities for Azure Resources: Automatically managed identity for your Azure services. 
- Privileged Identity Management (PIM): Management and control internal to the organisation
- Identity Protection: Within their own organisation Detection of poten. Security risks 
- Managed identities for Azure resources
- Identity Governance: Identity management of the organisation for access controls for employees, business partners and apps
- Enterprise users: managing licence assignments
- Device management
- Domain services
- Hybrid identity
- Business-to-consumer (B2C): access and ability to manage users using their app
- Business-to-Business (B2B): Private corporate data can be controlled and monitored when managing guest users and external partners.
- Azure Active Directory for developers: create apps that log in all Microsoft identities
- Authentication: self-service password reset from ADD, for single sign-on login of custom list 
- Application management: management of cloud-based and on-premises apps (application proxy)